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If you are craving for good playable arcade games, FreeGames4Rest is ready to offer you its best collection. It has hundreds of free online games and free download games of arcade genre. We try to update regularly our library and fresh new arcade games are added to this gaming portal. Here you have always a chance to play free arcade games and you will never be bored playing the same title over and over again. Usually these arcade games have rather short levels, simple and intuitive control schemes, and constantly increasing difficulty. Gamers old and young will have something to cheer about this highly addicting gameplay.


Download free flash game Super Granny 5 Super Granny 5

Dive into the latest action\arcade adventure with the exciting game Super Granny 5! Travel into the dangerous wilderness of her backyard and battle all-new gran-eating enemies! Enjoy tons of stuff...

Download free flash game Christmas Tale Christmas Tale

In the beautiful logic game Christmas Tale you find yourself on the most famous and lovely holiday – Christmas! This is the most magic and amazing h

Download free flash game Nab-n-Grab Nab-n-Grab

Join Cyan and his little sister on their great sea adventure! You have a chance to make a nice tour of continents and fishing trip. You will be able to catch sword fish and nab other exotic water...

Download free flash game TeKKOut TeKKOut

TeKKOut is a game for bold and sharp people. Here you will face with unique amount of the levels and a few absolutely different but really good detailed worlds.

Download free flash game Zombie Bowl-O-Rama Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

Would you like to play bowling with these nasty Zombies? They have seized your own lanes, and you are to send them back to the graveyard. Use them as

Download free flash game Stardrone Stardrone

Drive your spaceship through the labyrinths and mazes of space in this challenging game called Stardrone. Collect gems on your way to earn powerful power-ups and score bonuses.

Download free flash game Brick Quest 2 Brick Quest 2

Zip around in your spaceship and discover colorful new worlds. The sequel leads you into vibrant lands containing ruins, caves, and temples. Search 160 levels to rescue funny little Gwamos and...

Download free flash game Reel Quest Reel Quest

Check your rods and go on a Reel Quest! In this action-packed game your aim is not only fishing, but searching for the pirate treasures as well. Lots of sea saboteurs will bother you, so try to...

Download free flash game Mevo and the Grooveriders Mevo and the Grooveriders

This is a story about one funk musician who travels through different worlds looking for his band, The Grooveriders. During his journey he is teaching the inhabitants the basics of funk music.

Download free flash game Gem Ball Ancient Legends Gem Ball Ancient Legends

This 3D arkanoid-type game will dip you to the world of ancient times. Make your way through this dangerous land of ancient Egypt, eliminating all the