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Here the category of card games has a good selection of all-new and world-famous card games for players of different levels. Try these traditional and family card games that many people know and love, as well as new games you may not yet be familiar with, but which we hope you will enjoy. If you are looking for a twist on an old game or just want to kill the time, visit FreeGames4Rest! Tons of free online games and free download games are waiting for you here. Feel the smell of fortune and be the best! So explore our site and have some fun!


Download free flash game Solitaire Egypt Solitaire Egypt

Prove yourself worthy of the favors of your Pharaoh and create a prosperous new town in the mysterious land of Egypt! A thriving metropolis at the Nile was destroyed by a sandstorm, and now it’s...

Download free flash game Northmark: Hour of the Wolf Northmark: Hour of the Wolf

Experience the thrills of adventure in Northmark: Hour of the Wolf, a card-based RPG. Choose to become a mighty warrior, cunning mage or powerful druid as you fight for glory and survival in arena...

Download free flash game Trade Mania 2 Trade Mania 2

The makers of Trade Mania have released an amazing new sequel to the original economic strategy game, combining the best features of economic board games with realistic settings in the world’s...

Download free flash game Royal Challenge Solitaire Royal Challenge Solitaire

Take on Royal Challenge Solitaire and progress through countless levels full of quick and gripping gameplay! With a plethora of different stages, awes

Download free flash game Seven Seas Solitaire Seven Seas Solitaire

Your bride-to-be has gone missing, and you’ve been framed for her kidnapping! As a retired naval officer, you now must scour the seven seas to solve the mystery and bring her home.

Download free flash game The Game of Life ® The Game of Life ®

Spin the wheel and choose your path – the possibilities are endless! Anything can happen in The Game of Life! Choose your car and take a spin on the winding road of life.

Download free flash game Astral Towers Astral Towers

Become a mage: summon creatures and cast spells to defeat everything on your way to the source of evil in Astral Towers. Build buildings, learn new spells and acquire abilities during 89...

Download free flash game The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire

Defeat the forces of darkness and defend Emerland in The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire. When deciding to learn card magic at an old wizard’s school, you couldn’t have imagined that fate had...

Download free flash game Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards

The House of Cards has disappeared and the Solitaire Kingdom is in ruins. Evil is now afoot and only you can find the Lost Cards. Play fun filled matches of Solitaire as you journey across the...

Download free flash game Clockwork Crokinole Clockwork Crokinole

Enjoy this classic tabletop game of Crokinole redesigned as an exciting new casual game experience in Clockwork Crokinole! Position your discs on the board to maximize your points while removing...