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Freegame4reat welcomes you at its puzzle games section, including miscellaneous free online and download games. Tired of the same old games? Need more variety and unique ways to play? There you can find puzzles for every player, from classic to absolute new games. Whatever the type of puzzle you choose to play, you will observe polished artwork, cute sound effects, and exciting gameplay with every title. Whether you want to pass you free time or want to rack your brains over perplexing puzzles, you are at a right place, for sure. Play free games and test you logical skills! Have fun!


Download free flash game Mahjong Secrets Mahjong Secrets

Plunge into the intricacies of royal life with this all new mahjong game! When a kingdom's young princess discovers that she has a twin sister who wa

Download free flash game Jigsaw Boom 3 Jigsaw Boom 3

Enjoy awesome art, optional difficulty control and relaxing music in this customizable puzzle game that is fun for everyone! Delight in unlimited game

Download free flash game Royal Jigsaw Royal Jigsaw

Enjoy high-quality graphics, adjustable difficulty levels and ambient music in this customizable and relaxing puzzle game that is fun for everyone! Ro

Download free flash game Tennis in the Face Tennis in the Face

This is no Wimbledon, this is Tennis in the Face! Get ready for some hilarious ragdoll-smashing, ball-bouncing action! Help Pete Pagassi save the city from an evil energy drink corporation called...

Download free flash game Plight of the Zombie Plight of the Zombie

Satisfy your never-ending hunger for brains in Plight of the Zombie! In this light-hearted and sympathetic puzzle game you will take control of hungry zombies in their quest of eternal appetite.

Download free flash game Art Mahjongg Egypt Art Mahjongg Egypt

Start a mystical and mysterious journey through Egypt! Play your way through a campaign full of adventure and hidden lands. Explore the Sphinx and the pyramids or travel along the Nile.

Download free flash game Puzzling Paws Puzzling Paws

Puzzling Paws is an unfolding story about two friends, an innocent kitten named Scratch and her protective bulldog pal Bruiser. One minute, they are having a picnic and after a blinding flash of...

Download free flash game Push The Box Push The Box

Who hasn't heard about the classic children's fairy tale of Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs? The Big Bad Wolf is always scheming and looking for prey.

Download free flash game Tripp's Adventures Tripp's Adventures

Play Tripp’s Adventures and help this cute little creature to successfully overcome all the dangerous obstacles and get on the top floor of the magical tower.

Download free flash game Puzzler Brain Games Puzzler Brain Games

Puzzler Brain Games is a new type of puzzle game. The fast paced action will test your intellect with 20 different rapid-fire puzzles designed to be fun and exciting while helping improve your...