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Freegame4reat welcomes you at its puzzle games section, including miscellaneous free online and download games. Tired of the same old games? Need more variety and unique ways to play? There you can find puzzles for every player, from classic to absolute new games. Whatever the type of puzzle you choose to play, you will observe polished artwork, cute sound effects, and exciting gameplay with every title. Whether you want to pass you free time or want to rack your brains over perplexing puzzles, you are at a right place, for sure. Play free games and test you logical skills! Have fun!


Download free flash game Scrabble Scrabble

The fantastically fun crossword game is now specially designed for your PC or Mac. Build words using letter tiles and enjoy quick, easy-to-learn controls and fantastic features.

Download free flash game But to Paint a Universe But to Paint a Universe

Follow the story of a little girl as she struggles to restore a sky broken by an evil monster in But to Paint a Universe! Play through a diverse adventure, where the rules change in every level, or...

Download free flash game Journey: The Heart of Gaia Journey: The Heart of Gaia

Welcome to new thrilling and unique adventure under the title Journey: The Heart of Gaia! After being whisked to wonderful and colorful world, main character named Liz has to save this land from...

Download free flash game Jigsaw Boom 2 Jigsaw Boom 2

Continue the jigsaw puzzle fun in Jigsaw Boom 2! Choose from a collection of unique, high quality pictures to piece together anywhere from 12 to 850 pieces.

Download free flash game 'dillos 'dillos

The evil Constructo Corp has done the unthinkable! They've started constructing brand new buildings over the once peaceful homes of the 'dillos! The 'dillos aren't just going to roll-over though,...

Download free flash game Lost Head Lost Head

Life is hard when your noggin won't stay sewn to your shoulders. Just ask Franken-Stitch! Help him reclaim his glorious dome in the physics-based puzzler, Lost Head! Using realistic physics and...

Download free flash game JiPS: Jigsaw Ship Puzzles JiPS: Jigsaw Ship Puzzles

Restore precious treasures in the exciting jigsaw game, JiPS: Jigsaw Ship Puzzles! Some time ago a brave and desperate adventurer spent his life collecting pieces of knowledge from all sides of the...

Download free flash game Jar of Marbles II: Journey to the West Jar of Marbles II: Journey to the West

Embark on an epic journey and relive one of the great works of Chinese literature in Jar of Marbles II: Journey to the West! This thrilling physics based Match 3 puzzle game chronicles the...

Download free flash game Wordary Wordary

Push your lexical skills to the limit in Wordary! Spin the board in this original and addictive word game to build as many words as you can. Each Wordary board has hundreds to thousands of hidden...

Download free flash game Shadomania Shadomania

Journey into the world of imagination and recreate sumptuous Japanese woodblock prints with Shadomania! In this innovative puzzle game, you'll want to find the correct position on the canvas for...