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Download free flash game Lumen Lumen

Use ancient mirror technology to guide the Light of Hope through ancient civilizations. This puzzle starts in Egypt where you must reflect the beam of light around the board, using mirrors and...

Download free flash game Blood Oath Blood Oath

Have you thought about trying to live as a vampire? Now you can try this uneasy life in the absorbing Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game Blood Oath. Can you survive in the dark world full of...

Download free flash game Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator

Welcome to new captivating game Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator, where you will learn the history about P.I. Joy Black, who tries to find items and take corrupt curator that...

Download free flash game Nat Geo Traveler: Italy Nat Geo Traveler: Italy

Travel to the beautiful romantic country Italy in the fascinating new game Nat Geo Traveler: Italy! Open new sites and locations, which tell you about

Download free flash game Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland

Have you read or seen Alice in Wonderland? Now you have a chance to find yourself in Wonderland with your favorite heroes in the new interesting game

Download free flash game Shutter Island Shutter Island

Ashecliffe Hospital, situated on Sutter Island, is not a usual hospital for usual patients. It’s a hospital for extremely dangerous criminals. Teddy Daniels has come here in order to find an...

Download free flash game Key Words Key Words

Do you want to go on an exciting adventure to the world of words and letters? Then don't wait! Play a great game Key Words and help a cute chameleon

Download free flash game The Tudors The Tudors

Explore the world of The Tudors in this mysterious hidden object game! You are the right hand of King Henry VIII and should reveal his all ill-wisher.

Download free flash game Mystery of Cleopatra Mystery of Cleopatra

Do you want know something else about ancient Alexandria? In the game Mystery-of-cleopatra you are Cleopatra’s most trusted advisor and your aim is to clear up the murder of a Roman soldier in...

Download free flash game Hostile Makeover Hostile Makeover

An awful event took place in a glamorous world of fashion! One of the most successful model Amanda Manvilled was murdered and now Lacey Smithsonian, a

Download free flash game Lost City of Z: Special Edition Lost City of Z: Special Edition

Rumors say that there is a lost city in the jungles of Brazil. Lost City of Z is a challenging hidden object game which uncovers the truth! Explore the Amazon rainforest and use all your...

Download free flash game Nanny 911 Nanny 911

The Nanny 911 game is based on the popular television show. It is a time management game where you have to use all your experience to help troubled families clean up their lives and improve...

Download free flash game Buku Dominoes Buku Dominoes

For thousands years, different cultures and countries enjoy playing the game of dominoes. Today Buku Dominoes Game gives you a unique opportunity to play your favorite game on your computer! Buku...

Download free flash game Remedy Remedy

Carol Reed's friend has died in Sweden. The causes of death seem very mysterious for Carol, and she decides to go there and investigate his death herself.

Download free flash game Time Stand Still Time Stand Still

English detective Carol Reed has arrived and settled into her new apartment in Sweden. In a blink, she`s caught up in a messy chain of events dating back to World War II.

Download free flash game Create a Mall Create a Mall

If you are like games where you can show managerial abilities and talent for strategic thought, “Create a Mall” game will definitely impress you! You start with just one section in the mall.

Download free flash game Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer

The game Righteous Kill 2: Revenge of the Poet Killer is based on the popular film. Playing as a detective of NYPD you have to trace and catch a serial killer before the next murder is committed.

Download free flash game Mystic Emporium Mystic Emporium

In this time management game you will have to run your own magic shop. Brew potions, sell powerful artifacts and keep your customers satisfied with the service you provide.

Download free flash game Plan It Green Plan It Green

Small town called Greenville have seen better times in its history, but today everything is going to change! Lead the government of the town and bring it back to life.

Download free flash game Winemaker Extraordinaire Winemaker Extraordinaire

Maria Bellaventura has tired of her crazy lifestyle. She works as a corporate lawyer and earns good money, but in her heart she wants to live calm and peaceful life.